Shipping dealine for the Lunar New Year Holidays in S.Korea February 08 2021

VeryShine shipping delay notice !!

Due to the Lunar new year holidays in South Korea, orders made after
22:00, Mon, 08 Feb 2021 (EDT, New York time zone) will ship out on or after
22:00, Sun, 14 Feb 2021 (EDT New York time zone).
I am sorry for not putting this shipping alert in every single product listing due to technical difficulties.

shipping countries and duration January 14 2021

if you have any question about shipping info in your country, 

VeryShine is shipping to the countries as follows:

U.S.,   --- 7 days 

Canada,   --  4  days  FedEx 

Mexico,    --  4~5 days  FedEx 

U,K.,        -5 days, FedEx 

France, - 5 days, FedEx 

Germany - 5 days, FedEx 

E.U.countries (by FedEx or EMS) 

Australia and New Zealand  --- by FedEx  

Asia countries (EMS or FedEx) 


please feel free to message us  if your country is not included; 

What country does VeryShine ships out the package ? October 28 2020

As of today, Oct 16, 2020, VeryShine ships the packages via several

shipping methods. 

We ship out the packages the following countries : 

U.S., Canada, Mexico

Europe, U.K, France, Germany, Spain, Swiss, Italy,Netherlands,and EU countries 

Australia, Asia countries 

VeryShine ships out the package via  EMS, FedEx,UPS,USPS, and Post office. 


Not all countries are listed. please leave a message if you want to check more detailed country list on 


thank you 

 3 crucial factors you should not overlook to choose the perfect embellished headband September 15 2019

crucial factors you should not overlook to choose the perfect embellished headband

pearl headband

Hair accessories come in all shapes, sizes and designs. However, few of them are as versatile or functional as a headband.

Headbands are practical accessories that make unruly tresses look presentable, as they grow out. The prettier versions, like embellished headbands, take it a step further by adding a touch of personality to boring, ordinary hairstyles.

When choosing an embellished headband, pay attention to these three important factors and you simply cannot go wrong with your choice.

  1.     Color and style

Choose embellished headbands in colors that complement your complexion and hair color for best results. Classy styles are better than novelty headbands, which can quickly look dated. Basic styles with contemporary details like pearls or other accents are suitable for mature, but fashionable looks.

  1.     Fabric and embellishments

leaf rhinestone velvet headbandHeadbands made from high-quality fabric will hold up longer. A good headband will fit snugly on the scalp and look like an extension of your hairdo.

When choosing headbands, look for embellishments that are tightly woven into the fabric. Pearl and bead embellishments will add extra feminine charm and texture to a regular hairstyle. These are a good option for weddings, parties and other functions when you must dress up.

Shipping delay !!! September 11 2019

Shipping delay alert !!

Due to the Thanksgiving holidays in South Korea. orders made after 
17:00, Tue,Sep 10, 2019 (EDT, New York time zone) will ship out on or after
04:00,Mon, 16 Sep 2019 (EDT New York time zone).
i am sorry for not putting this delay notice in every single product listing due to technical difficulties. 

why you need a beautiful pearl headband to enhance your hairstyle August 21 2019

why you need a beautiful pearl headband to enhance your hairstyle

From soft scrunchies to glamorous hair clips, hair crowns and even gemstone bobby pins, there is an amazing variety of hair accessories to choose from. However, one accessory that is a constant hit on the fashion scene is the iconic headband.

pearl embellished headband


Pearl headbands go with almost every outfit

A gorgeous pearl headband is always appropriate headgear, whether it is for a formal event, an outing with friends or even a wedding ceremony. Pearl-encrusted headbands instantly glam up any outfit. Choose it in a color that goes with the rest of your clothes and you will look great even without an elaborate hairstyle.   

pearl headband

Pearl headbands are pretty and practical

These feminine hair pieces are a blessing in disguise every time you have a bad hair day. Use them to neatly pull hair back from your face. Pearl headbands will help you keep your flyaway strands in place without settling for a boring ponytail or hundreds of bobby pins.

Not only do pearl headbands draw attention to your face, these hair accessories make it seem like you care about your looks. Find the perfect pearl headband for your taste from our collection and wear it with your favorite outfits to look like a fashion diva.

Spring hair bows for woman 2019 February 22 2019

VeryShine introduces and sells trendy and practical hair bows for women. Our hair bows are for the adult women and actually favored by many customers arrond the world. Chiffon,floral,satin,and velvet hair bows are just arrived for this season. You can buy it on ETSY,Ebay,and 

the below hair bows are some of newest one just arrived recently. Please click photos for more information and details. 


chiffon layered hair bow

chiffon layered hair bow by VeryShien

organdy mesh tail hair bow

organdy tail hair bow 

 floral hair bow

floral chiffon hair bow 

satin bow knot tail scrunchies

satin bow knot tail scrutineers 

floral lace layered hair bow

floral lace hair big hair bow 

satin pattern lace tail hair bow

satin long tail hair bow 





Shipping delay alert !! January 30 2019

Shipping delay Alert!!!
Due to Lunar month New Year Holidays in South Korea, All orders made after 23:00, Thu, 31 Jan, 2019 (EST,New York time zone) will ship out simultaneously on 01:00, Thu, 7 Feb, 2019 (EST,New York time zone)
if you have any question or message, send me convo and I will reply as soon as possible

velvet hair bows for woman November 12 2018

These are the best-selling hair bows for these days. VeryShine is making several designs of velvet hair bows that are simple,stylish,trendy,and necessary for woman. You can buy the below velvet hair bows for woman by clicking images. 

black velvet bow hair clip barrette

big Texas velvet bow barrette

silk velvet layered hair bow barrette

black velvet ribbon bow hair barrette

Shipping delay alert !! September 20 2018

Due to Korea’s Thanksgiving holidays, orders placed after 02:00, Friday, Sep 21 will ship simultaneously around 02:00, Thursday, Sep 27,2018, EDT, New York time zone

Thank you 

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