Spring hair bows for woman 2019 February 22 2019

VeryShine introduces and sells trendy and practical hair bows for women. Our hair bows are for the adult women and actually favored by many customers arrond the world. Chiffon,floral,satin,and velvet hair bows are just arrived for this season. You can buy it on ETSY,Ebay,and 

the below hair bows are some of newest one just arrived recently. Please click photos for more information and details. 


chiffon layered hair bow

chiffon layered hair bow by VeryShien

organdy mesh tail hair bow

organdy tail hair bow 

 floral hair bow

floral chiffon hair bow 

satin bow knot tail scrunchies

satin bow knot tail scrutineers 

floral lace layered hair bow

floral lace hair big hair bow 

satin pattern lace tail hair bow

satin long tail hair bow 





Shipping delay alert !! January 30 2019

Shipping delay Alert!!!
Due to Lunar month New Year Holidays in South Korea, All orders made after 23:00, Thu, 31 Jan, 2019 (EST,New York time zone) will ship out simultaneously on 01:00, Thu, 7 Feb, 2019 (EST,New York time zone)
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velvet hair bows for woman November 12 2018

These are the best-selling hair bows for these days. VeryShine is making several designs of velvet hair bows that are simple,stylish,trendy,and necessary for woman. You can buy the below velvet hair bows for woman by clicking images. 

black velvet bow hair clip barrette

big Texas velvet bow barrette

silk velvet layered hair bow barrette

black velvet ribbon bow hair barrette

Shipping delay alert !! September 20 2018

Due to Korea’s Thanksgiving holidays, orders placed after 02:00, Friday, Sep 21 will ship simultaneously around 02:00, Thursday, Sep 27,2018, EDT, New York time zone

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Eye-catching hair bows for Women June 24 2018

VeryShine will update various designs and patterns of hair bows for women. please add favorite of,veryshine on Etsy or our Ebay shop if you like hair bows for women.

click the picture the below : 

 big flower print bow ponytail holder

Big flower print hair bow ponytail holder 

Satin long tail hair bow  barrette

Satin long tail hair bow barrette 

Silk satin big bow hair barrette -Texas hair barrette 

chiffon flower print long tail hair bow barrette

 Chiffon floral print long tail hair barrette 

 Satin lace bow hair barrette

chiffon stripe print hair bow

chiffon stripe print hair bow barrette

Multi-layer silk satin big bow barrette 

Shipping alert !!! May 04 2018

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Scrunchies are the best hair accessory ever March 27 2018

5 top reasons why scrunchies should be your hair accessory of choice

After disappearing without a trace for years, scrunchies have finally made a huge comeback as a trendy hair accessory. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as scrunchies are versatile, practical and inevitably fun. Being gentle on the hair, the newer versions like satin scrunchies and chiffon scrunchies are even better than traditional elastics used to pull hair away from your face

The benefits do not end here. So, let us look at why you should embrace the scrunchie trend, and add this ruffled accessory to your hair styling kit.

satin scrunchies

Scrunchies do not damage hair

Did you know that soft scrunchies are some of the best accessories for healthy hair? They do not have any metallic or tight elastic parts that tug on the hair and cause damage. If your hair was subjected to several chemical treatments like bleaching and coloring, or is extensively damaged, soft satin and chiffon scrunchies will keep your hair in place without distressing it further.  

black chiffon scrunchies

Scrunchies are versatile

You can use scrunchies in various hairstyles. Whether it is a ponytail, bun, updo or even pigtails, a scrunchie will hold your hair in place. Use it to tie a clean ponytail at the nape of your neck and you have a simple hairstyle that goes with almost any outfit. You can also use it to secure a braid or a bun. Since it keeps hair away from the face, you can wear it when you are cooking, out on a jog or enjoying a windy day at the beach.

flower ponytail holder March 03 2018

Shipping delay notice during Lunar New Year Holidays 2108 !! February 13 2018

Shipping delay notice !!
Due to South Korea’s Seollal Holiday (Lunar new year holiday), Shipping will be made on all orders placed after 23:00, Tue,Feb 13, 2018 (Eastern time zone, EST} will be shipped simultaneously on 01:00, Monday, February 19.,2018 (Eastern time zone,EST).


buy small hair claw February 08 2018

pretty small bow hair claw