3 crucial factors you should not overlook to choose the perfect embellished headband September 15 2019

3 crucial factors you should not overlook to choose the perfect embellished headband

pearl headband

Hair accessories come in all shapes, sizes and designs. However, few of them are as versatile or functional as a headband.

Headbands are practical accessories that make unruly tresses look presentable, as they grow out. The prettier versions, like embellished headbands, take it a step further by adding a touch of personality to boring, ordinary hairstyles.

When choosing an embellished headband, pay attention to these three important factors and you simply cannot go wrong with your choice.

  1.     Color and style

Choose embellished headbands in colors that complement your complexion and hair color for best results. Classy styles are better than novelty headbands, which can quickly look dated. Basic styles with contemporary details like pearls or other accents are suitable for mature, but fashionable looks.

  1.     Fabric and embellishments

leaf rhinestone velvet headbandHeadbands made from high-quality fabric will hold up longer. A good headband will fit snugly on the scalp and look like an extension of your hairdo.

When choosing headbands, look for embellishments that are tightly woven into the fabric. Pearl and bead embellishments will add extra feminine charm and texture to a regular hairstyle. These are a good option for weddings, parties and other functions when you must dress up.

  1.     Overall quality

denim rhinestone embellished headband

The construction quality of an embellished headband is closely linked to its lifespan and general usefulness. Unless you choose headbands of sturdy fabric and with good elastic, it will fray and end up looking shabby. Fabric headbands should be easy to clean or even washable to last for a long time.

With due care and attention, an embellished headband will serve you well for many years. Make sure you use the pointers in this post to choose a good one for your needs and it will be a fashionable choice that you can appreciate for a long time.