Scrunchies are the best hair accessory ever March 27 2018

scrunchies have finally made a huge comeback as a trendy hair accessory. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as scrunchies are versatile, practical and inevitably fun. Being gentle on the hair, the newer versions like satin scrunchies and chiffon scrunchies are even better than traditional elastics used to pull hair away from your face

The benefits do not end here. So, let us look at why you should embrace the scrunchie trend, and add this ruffled accessory to your hair styling kit.

satin scrunchies

Scrunchies do not damage hair

Did you know that soft scrunchies are some of the best accessories for healthy hair? They do not have any metallic or tight elastic parts that tug on the hair and cause damage. If your hair was subjected to several chemical treatments like bleaching and coloring, or is extensively damaged, soft satin and chiffon scrunchies will keep your hair in place without distressing it further.  

black chiffon scrunchies

Scrunchies are versatile

You can use scrunchies in various hairstyles. Whether it is a ponytail, bun, updo or even pigtails, a scrunchie will hold your hair in place. Use it to tie a clean ponytail at the nape of your neck and you have a simple hairstyle that goes with almost any outfit. You can also use it to secure a braid or a bun. Since it keeps hair away from the face, you can wear it when you are cooking, out on a jog or enjoying a windy day at the beach.

velvet scrunchies

Scrunchies are stylish and affordable

Not only are these hair accessories good quality, they are affordable too. Scrunchies are available in all colors, designs and fabric choices. The modern versions like satin scrunchies and chiffon scrunchies have interesting embellishments like beads, sequins and lace trims. They also come in various colors and with interesting details. Hence, it is easy to pair it with any chosen outfit.

Scrunchies look good on practically everyone

There is no appropriate age for wearing a scrunchie. It is suitable for women of all ages, whether you are a young girl, a teenager or a woman in your mid-40’s. Match the style, fabric and design to your outfit, and you have a soft and comfortable accessory for work, home or an evening out with friends. It is also the ideal choice for when you are having a bad hair day and want a cute hair accessory that will render style to your hairdo. 

If stylish celebrities love scrunchies, so should you

If you follow celebrity fashion closely, you may have noticed how the humble scrunchie has gained favor with many super-stylish women in recent years. While Selena Gomez uses it to tame her tresses, Catherine Zeta Jones paired it with a fur coat to create her own new look. And to top it off, Madonna even wore a massive teal satin scrunchie to the Met Gala, giving it the spotlight it deserves. So, take a cue from these fashionistas, and complete your hair accessory collection with the choicest scrunchies from our collection.