adult hair bows for Summer June 20 2022

VeryShine is the one of the best hair bow source for small business and retail buyers. 

VeryShine work with very talented hair bow makers, ateliers, and craftsman 

below is some of hair bows recommendation for Summer. 

chiffon drape hair bows 

Satin diamond check hair bow 

floral chiffon hair bow 

jungle print long tail chiffon hair bow 

Spring has Sprung category has been added February 09 2022

VeryShine added Spring has Sprung category. VeryShine sells large selections of hair accessories for women, In this SpringhasSprung category, brighter and thinner hair bows,headbands,and scrunchies are curated.

Shipping info during Lunar New Year holidays 2022 January 26 2022

Shipping deadline for holidays!! (we have consecutive holidays including Sat and Sunday.)
Due to the Lunar new year holidays in South Korea, orders made after
22:00, Web, 26 Jan 2022 (EDT, New York time zone) will ship out on or after
22:00, Web, 02 Feb 2022 (EDT New York time zone).
All other business activities including message reply and refund requests will be made just like regular working days ~

buy Korean hair accessories November 02 2021

VeryShine is a Korean hair accessory shop that ships worldwide. buy the latest and trendy Korean hair accessory on VeryShine. VeryShine sells the best Korean hair accessories such as Korean headbands, hair bows, hair clips,claws,and scrunchies. 

1.Korean headbands  

Korean headband

2. Korean hair bow

Korean hair bow

3. Korean hair accessory 

4. Korean hair scrunchies 

Korean hair scrunchies

Popular velvet hair bow October 15 2021

Velvet hair bows have been popular over the years. 

Below are the velvet hair bows made by VeryShine, the perfect hair accessory shop for women if you are concerning product quality and trend . 

1. standard velvet tail hair bow - double faced velvet bow 

velvet hair bow

2. black silk velvet hair bow 

3. Aura velvet bow 

4.Texas velvet bow 

5. Giant velvet bow 

New arrivals for Autumn Winter hair accessories by VeryShine October 12 2021

New arrivals of Fall Winter hair accessories by VeryShine 

New products for Fall Winter 2021 have been recently listed and more headbands, hair bows, and scrunchies would be listed every week. Whether you believe it or not. you can buy the best Korea hair accessories through or VeryShine on Etsy. 

bellows are the some of the just arrived  accessories. Click or touch to see the details of it. 

Striped velvet padded headband 

Organza Autumn hair bow 

Pearl petal headband 

Satin zebra headband  

Petal hair claw 

Safety pink buckle leather headband 

VeryShine ship to China customers July 06 2021

VeryShine now ships to China via EMS. 

it would take 3~5 days normally and actual delivery time would vary up to the local delivery situation. Now, VeryShine does not offer many payment options but will add some easily accessible  payment methods. 

VeryShine ships all products from S.Korea and one of the best hair accessory shops  in S.Korea and World  for one stop shopping in hair accessory field. 

Enjoy Shopping !!  

Master Card will not be processed from 29th of April 2021 April 24 2021

Please note that from 29th of April 2021 for an undefined period, VeryShine will not be able to process Mastercard payments for your account. Visa processing and any other payment methods available for your account will continue at this time.

Hair bows: Add flair to any hairstyle with this trendy accessory March 12 2021

The resurgence of many old trends has once again thrown the spotlight on one of our favorite hair accessories—the hair bow. This simple, yet impactful accessory can transform any ordinary hairstyle and make it look stylish.

satin stacked hair bow

Hair bows have come a long way since they were the staple choice for little schoolgirls. It is now a fashionable hair accessory that has charmed the likes of celebrities.

Here are some exciting ways to rock this preppy hair accessory and boost your style quotient.

Add it to a ponytail

If ponytails are your go-to hairstyle, add sophistication to it with a hair bow. Whether you prefer to pull your hair back into a low pony or pile it up on your crown, adding a beautiful hair bow will make your ponytail look chic. Visit our hair bow shop to find a sleek bow for a casual look or a flamboyant one for a statement effect.

satin tail hair bow

Decorate your hair bun

One of the best hairstyle choices for a messy hair day is a bun. Simply add a hair bow to your bun and it will look like you put in a lot of effort. You can even pin this accessory on a high bun or a sock bun and dress it up for a special occasion. Another good idea is to place it on the side to create a demure, feminine look.

hair bow for bun style

Rock a retro hairdo

A hair bow can help you create an easy retro look when you need a quick makeover or must dress up for a theme party. There are so many ways to add this accessory to a retro hairstyle. How about creating some volume with some big curlers? Then, pull back some hair from the front and secure it with a hair bow. You can also add an elegant bow to a half-up ponytail or accentuate face-framing vintage finger waves with a hair bow on the side.

sailor hair bow

Three reasons to embrace the biggest hair accessory trend: Floral Headbands March 05 2021

Three reasons to embrace the biggest hair accessory trend: Floral Headbands

floral headband

If you follow hairstyle trends you will know that headbands, particularly floral headbands, are officially “in season”. the humble headband is now a high fashion adornment.

Now, if you love floral headbands but need an excuse to shop for them, let us help. Here are three perfect reasons to splurge on this statement accessory. 

Make an unforgettable springtime statement

floral spring headband

When the calendar points to spring, it is time for cheerful, bright prints in outfits and accessories. Floral prints are an evergreen springtime favorite, and there are numerous ways to use them and enhance your style. However, the most affordable and easy way to work flowers into an outfit is through a floral headband. Wear it to work, social outings, or even the gym and look your fashionable best.

Use it to pull together a stylish casual look

spring flower print headband

Whether you prefer denim or dresses, floral headbands can add a whole new dimension to your look. This single accessory will improve any boring outfit and make it pop. Pair it with solid color outfits for a dose of detail. You can also wear it with jeans to tone down the rugged look and make it more feminine.

To solve a bad hair day problem

floral knot headband

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