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3 Pistil Flower hair jaw claw Korea hair accessory –

3 Pistil Flower hair jaw claw

Korean hair accessory store, introduce pistil decorated flower jaw claw. All has pistil decoration at the center of flower with plastic jaw claw basis. We have some flower hair jaw claws and the below products are newly listed. Each has several colors 

realistic flower hair claw

Long Pistil Flower Hair Claw 

unique flower hair claw

Peony root flower hair claw with realistic petal discolor

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Corrugated petal flower with pistil decoration,hair accessory online store, is planning to hold many flower motivated hair accessories line and actually some designs are being ready to be listed. We are always listen what our customers say and, if possible, we are trying to make your request settled all right. Feel free to ask us questions and come and see what are we listing. 


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