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Geniine leather headband and hair barrette for gift her –

Leather hair accessories by Veryshine has bee added

VeryShine is developing leather hair accessories. all designs are one-of-a-kind products that are 100% handmade products. VeryShine has been making several samples and has been listing  3 leather hair accessories so far; leather lace headband, suede braided fringe headband,and sunflwer hair barrette. all of the products are unique and requires professional skills to make. All designs are unique and the qualities are the best. Very good gift idea for yourself as well as friends and family. 

Each products requires very special skills and requires time-taking process. below are the examples of VeryShine leather hair accessories. 

1. Suede braided fringe headband 

2. Leather lace headband, very premium style headband and name initials are possible 

3. Sunflower hair barrette 


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